Membership Information

Want to join our Club?  We can’t wait!  Prospective members are welcome to attend our monthly business meeting.  Don’t worry- they usually take place during a park playdate or a holiday party- kids included!  Members may also be invited to attend one additional park playdate before formally joining the club.

The MOMS Club® of San Clemente welcomes moms regardless of religion, age, ethnicity,  or political backgrounds. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination.  We promote any particular parenting method and welcome all parenting philosophies.

To become a member, email us at:

Our Membership VP will contact you promptly.  While we try to respond within three days, all our board members are mothers too, so don’t be afraid to email us again!

We look forward to meeting you!

Please Note:
Unfortunately, MOMS Club of San Clemente is only for those living in San Clemente, CA. Please visit international website for a MOMS Club meetup group in your area.