Membership FAQ’s

Q:  What is MOMS Club?

A:  MOMS Club is a group dedicated to supporting at-home moms.  We meet during daylight hours during the week, when at-home moms need the support the most.  We welcome all moms, regardless of employment status.

Q:  Why are you a “support group?”  What does that  mean?

A: If the word “support group” makes you think of people crying in a dark church basement while drinking coffee and eating stale donuts, push that picture right out of your head!  MOMS Club provides the kind of support at-home moms need, primarily in the form of our calendar of activities: park days,  lunches, playgroups, crafts, and fun they can attend with their children.  We also have a private forum, where members can ask each other questions ranging from parenting issues to what dentist in town takes their insurance.  Furthermore, we complete at least one service project per year that benefits mothers and/or children, either in our local area or around the world. However, if coffee and donuts are your thing, don’t worry: we like those, too.

Q:  Who runs the club?

A:  The club is led by an elected board that steers the club.  Each officer is in charge of different areas (for example, our Administrative VP handles service projects, our Membership VP handles new members, etc). We also receive support from the International MOMS  Club, our parent organization, and abide by the same bylaws as every MOMS Club chapter in the world.  However, our group is strongly member-driven.  Each of our members is welcomed and encouraged to host and helps to coordinate our monthly activities and programs.  It’s only by working together that a bunch of stay-at-home-moms can accomplish all that we do!

Q:  How often would I be required to attend?

A:  You may attend as often or as little as you like depending on your needs, your kids’ desires, and your schedule.  We have events nearly every weekday; you can attend one activity a day or one activity a month, whatever fits your life at that time.

Q:  Are the events geared for moms or for kids?

A:  First things first:  MOMS Club is for moms.  That said, moms hang out with their kids all the time, so it would be silly not to account for them at our activities.  We do many activities that kids enjoy, such as going to local parks, bounce houses, playgroups, alphabet club, crafts, etc.  While those things are our bread and butter, we also try to strike a balance between things kids enjoy and things that keep moms engaged, too.  That said, we have MOMS-focused activities, such as our monthly moms night out, book clubs, and clothing swaps.

Q:  Can my kids come to all the events, even MOM focused events or business meetings?

A:  Yes, children are welcome at ALL events.  We expect children to be there and provide entertainment for them even if we’re doing a mom activity (usually in the form of toys and the other children!).  The only exception is our monthly MOMS Night Out; children do not normally attend these events, though nursing mothers sometimes bring their babies to this event, as well.  Don’t worry:  we don’t ever expect children to sit quietly while we have a meeting!  Remember, we are MOMS, too!

Q:  Are their babysitters at MOMS Club events?
A:   Normally, no.  Our events are structured for moms to attend while also caring for their children.  We’ve never hosted one, but that doesn’t mean we’d rule it out…

Q:  Are their activities geared toward children the ages of my children?

A:  The lovely thing about our chapter is that all our members are encouraged to host events that interest her and her kids.  So, if you have one tiny newborn and you’d like to sit at Panera Bread and sip coffee, you can schedule it; someone will want to do that with you!  If you have a bunch of rowdy older kids who want to run through an obstacle course to burn off energy, you can set that up, too!  Our group provides a lot of flexibility so that every mom can get what she needs from our activities.  Since our membership includes moms with children of various ages, the activities on our calendar are as diverse as our membership.

Q:  What ages of children do you all have?

A: Our membership is open to any mom in our area.  Since membership is a fluid thing, at any time we have members with kids ranging from newborns to high school and beyond.  With almost 50 members, we cover the gamut.

Q:  How much does it cost to  join?

A:  Our dues are $30/year.  However, we never turn away a mom because of financial hardship.  Depending upon which payment form you choose, there may be an additional service fee added.

Q:  What are dues used for?

A:  Since we are a non-profit, we follow very specific guidelines from the International MOMS Club and the IRS regarding what our money can be used for.  Our dues pay for the expenses of operating our club, help support the International MOMS Club, cover our outreach costs, and help support our service projects.

Q:  Are there any other costs?

A:  Some of our activities are free and some have a cost associated with them.  For example, if we meet at a local bounce facility or restaurant, each mom pays for herself and her children.  We run many craft based children’s clubs, and those hosts usually ask for a small donation to offset costs (typically $5 or less.)   We try to keep a good balance of free and low-cost events, because moms often make considerable financial sacrifices when they stay home.
Since we are a group, we often get group rates to things that do cost money.

Q:  Why must I attend an event before joining?  Why don’t you post your prospective member events publicly?

A:  Because the safety of our members and our children is our number one concern.  We need to know that you’re a real mom with kids, not a creepy child snatcher.  Once you’re a member, you will know that we’ve confirmed that every person in the group is a real mom.  Each member of our club meets with a member of our board specifically for a membership meeting.  All moms are welcome at our monthly business meetings, typically held at a local park and always open the the public.  Please see our Membership page for specific details about how to meet-up with us, and how to fill out a membership form.

Q:  Can I attend events even if my kids are in school?

A:  Absolutely. MOMS Club is for MOMS!

Q:  What is your membership area?

A:   We cover the areas zoned for San Clemente, including the following schools: Palisades, Las Palmas, Marblehead, Truman Benedict, Lobos, and .

Q:  If I’m not zoned for your club, are there other clubs in town?

A:  Yes, there are several other wonderful groups in Southern California.  The best way to find your chapter is by contacting the International MOMS Club and giving them your address.  Visit them on the web at

 Q:  Is the group only open to stay-at-home moms?

A:  No, as per our bylaws, our membership is open at any mom in our chapter’s area. However, our activities are during the week, during daylight hours, the times that stay at home moms are traditionally on their own.  We have members who stay home full time as well as members who work; full-time, part-time or go to school.

Q:  Do you only meet during the day?

A:  Primarily, yes.  We do have one monthly MOMS Night Out.  Occasionally we will have a couples night out. Otherwise, our activities are during the day, when at-home moms need the support the most.

Q:  How is MOMS Club different from other moms’ groups?

A:   MOMS Club is similar to and different from other mother’s groups in a variety of ways. Our primary mission is to support at-home mothers.  We are not affiliated with any religion, lifestyle choices, race, or parenting philosophy. We have oversight and support from our mother organization, the International MOMS Club, which ensures that our mission remains focused on supporting at-home moms.  We do not meet on any one particular day or time.  While child care has been known to be provided at the rare event we have, members are never required to use it; we expect mothers to have their children in tow.  We do not meet in any particular place; our activities cover all the possible venues in our town.  Additionally, as a non-profit organization, we are led by an elected board and complete at least one service project yearly that benefits mothers and/or children.

Q:  What will I get out of this?  What will my child get out of this?

A:   Two words: Social Interaction.  You’ll get to speak with other adults; your child will get to play with other kids.  Beyond that, it’s really up to you.   Since how much you participate is up to you, the experience will largely be what you make of it.  Whether you attend a few activities a year or come regularly and develop lasting friendships, every mom has the right to take what she wants from her MOMS Club membership. For those that participate, there are lots of fun times and socialization to be experienced!

Q:  How do I  join?

A:  Email our Membership VP at for information on joining our group.  Feel free to send a text to 949-424-6409 for a faster response!