Our MOMS Club offers a wide variety of unique activity groups to enjoy.  These events are only open to our members, so JOIN TODAY!

*Music Class: Join us for a Music Together style music class offered once a week or every other week in 8-10 week sessions.  These classes are Mommy and Me and meet at a local park or a member home.  The 30 minute class is followed up by playtime.  All age ranges are welcome!

*Color Club:  Join us as we explore colors with our little ones.  Geared towards our two to three year olds this club revolves around learning the colors of the rainbow and features a craft, story, activity and snack.   These classes also feature patterns.  All ages are still welcome to attend!

*Alphabet Club: Building upon our color knowledge join our three to four year olds as we learn our letters.  These meet-ups are at a local park and feature a craft, story or song, and a snack.  All ages are still welcome to attend!

*Charm School: Join us for a tea party to learn some manners and have some fun.  This is geared towards our 3-5 year olds, helping them learn to pour, set the table and enjoy a meal in a social setting.  It includes a snack and a story as well as unstructured playtime following the tea party.  All children welcome!

*Craft Club: Join your fellow moms to create some more elaborate crafts with your kiddos.  This group encourages creativity in the youngest of us, and lets your kiddos explore those more messy crafts that you might not do at home.

*Kids in the Kitchen: Come over to learn to bake and cook together.  Kids as young as one can dump and pour as we create breads and pastries, and occasionally something else.  This group typically meets once a week to get our bread made for the whole week!

*Various Hikes/Walks: Every month our calendar usually includes at least one (typically three or four!) hikes or stroller walks.  We are so blessed in San Clemente to have various hiking trails as well as the Forster Ranch greenbelt which enable us to get outdoors to exercise and enjoy!

*Birthday Club: Once a month we have a special park meet-up to celebrate the birthdays in the month.  This applies to both kiddos and adults.  We love to celebrate all the victories and accomplishments of our members, and birthday are no exception.

*Moms Night Out: We put one moms night out on the calendar every month so our moms can leave the kiddos at home and enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of our club.  Some months have been happy hour socials, some have been Mani/Pedi nights.  We’re up for lots of good times!

*Moms Cultural Mornings: For those of us with little ones in school we are trying to increase our activities in the community and take advantage of all that San Clemente and the surrounding area have.  This might include trips to the Casa, a local art gallery or an avant garde movie.  Join us to enjoy some arts and culture!